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In addition to the various developments brought forth with the digital revolution, it has also revolutionized the publishing industry by enabling the creation of electronic books. The continuous advancement in eReaders has also compelled publishers and independent authors to be aware of the changes and limitations which accompany the growing demands of eBooks.

At Lister Technologies, our combined experience in Software and Publishing services has helped many publishers and authors take their books to eReader devices, smart phones and tablets, including the Apple iPad and iPhone, Amazon Kindle™, SONY® eBook Reader, Nook™, Kobo eBook Reader, Google Nexus and all Android devices across sources like hardcopies and electronic files (incl. Scanned images, MS-Word, PDF, In-Design and QuarkXPress) thus calling it ePublishing.

Having converted millions of pages by utilizing unique process methodologies, we are the most reliable and preferred partner for many publishers in converting their ‘High complexity’ books and magazines in areas as varied as Cooking/Recipes, Health & Fitness, Law, Vocabulary, Computers, Technical, Children and Mathematics. We have also converted novels, autobiographies and history books. This is possible only because of our deep understanding and experience with handling complexities and boundaries of e-reader devices and tablets.

Lister has excellent proficiency in English as well as expertise in foreign languages such as Danish, French, German, Spanish, Greek and Italian. Our drive for quality and work discipline has consistently ensured ‘Zero’ rejections for our project deliverables and thereby an earlier Go-To-Market for our publishers and authors.

The services that Lister provides to the publishing industry can broadly be classified under the following heads:

  • Scanning Services
  • Editorial Services
  • eBook Services
  • Fixed Layout
  • Interactive Books

Book Scanning

We have a great deal of experience in handling books which are received as hardcopies. Based on the type of book and the number of copies available, we analyze, understand and implement the appropriate scanning solution. There are two main types of scanning methods, viz. Book scanning and Auto scanning.

  • Book Scanning – If the book happens to be the only copy available, overhead scanners are used to convert it into an electronic format.
  • Auto Scanning – If multiple copies are available, the book is un-bound and scanned using the automatic document scanner for conversion.

Besides the nature of the book, its complexity can also have a substantial impact on the ease of conversion. Usually fictional books take much less time compared to non-fictional ones. But in some cases, fictional books are a bit more complex due to formatting irregularities or the visuals they carry. Similarly, cook books and magazines have a large amount of complexity due to the style and layout differences found in each page.

Microfilm Scanning

The Lister team helps in scanning and storing 16 mm and 35 mm roll microfilms. We utilize the best industry solutions to match international standards of quality, schedule, efficiency and process to index the data and create a searchable PDF /Web PDF.

While scanning any microfilm, our software enhances the set-up and operation of the scanner. With adjustments for image edge detection, contrast levels, reduction ratios, light intensities and spatial filtering with convolution filters, problems such as poor contrast, fuzzy images, thin images, noisy images, dark images, and background noise are easily handled. Our software supports conversion to Group 4, TIFF, JPEG and Multi-page TIFF files.

OCR Scanning

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a process that scans printed/image text pages and translates them into machine-editable text formats. We use the best feasible commercial software such as Abby FineReader, OmniPage, PDF transformer, Adobe Acrobat, etc. to turn your documents into a format of your choice – MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Access, TXT, RTF, PDF, HTML, in addition to fixing the imperfections.

Copy editing & Proof reading

Copy editing is the work that is performed by an editor in order to improve the formatting, style and accuracy of the text. In Lister, our meticulousness ensures that errors are not overlooked, and the smooth flow of ideas from authors to readers is maintained. Every member in the team follows the five non-negotiable principles that result in making a perfect copy: Clear, Correct, Complete, Concise and Consistent.

The below table illustrates the various services in which we have competence:–

Aspects Proof-reading Light/Basic copy-editing Moderate/Standard copy-editing Heavy/Substantial copy-editing
Capitalization × × × ×
Punctuation × × × ×
Spelling × × × ×
Typography × × × ×
Basic formatting   × × ×
Basic sentence structure   × × ×
Unnecessary repetition   × × ×
Word choice   × × ×
Clarity     × ×
Cohesion     × ×
Format consistency     × ×
Graphic suitability     × ×
URL & Link verification     × ×
Paragraph structure     × ×
Smooth transitions     × ×
Tense consistency     × ×
Conciseness     × ×
Development       ×
Effectiveness       ×
Organization       ×
Text accuracy       ×
Thoroughness       ×
Editing & Formatting

Lister is also proficient in editing & formatting the Engineering and Aerospace documents based on the given mark-ups and guidelines. Having delivered thousands of pages, we have streamlined our process and quality audit to help our end customers deliver the right information at the right time and to meet stringent turn-around-time (TAT). We support one of the largest management consulting services and solutions providers for the Engineering and Aerospace industry based in USA.

In recent times, the trend of reading eBooks is gaining tremendous popularity across the world due to its accessibility, compatibility and easy approach. In the eBook digital world, ePub and Kindle are the most famous and accepted formats globally – which are supported in Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle™ (Kindle B/W, Kindle Fire and Kindle DX) besides SONY® eBook Reader, Nook™, Kobo eBook Reader and Google Nexus.

With our experienced, dynamic and professional team, we support various publishers and authors to take their simple to high formatted complex contents much earlier to the market using our in-house developed conversion engine “eTab Convertor” and “eInTracker”. eTab Convertor converts multiple formats including the standard format by addressing the imperfections and validating the files through W3C, ePub Preflight, ePubcheck and unmanifested file checks. While converting the other formats like Kindle, Sony, Nook, etc. our team addresses the faults found in the content like boxes, tables, hanging indents, drop caps, multiple level lists, etc. according to the limitations of the devices.

We also help to take the books in various XML formats using DocBook DTD, PRISM DTD, Publishers RNC – custom DTD and RecipeBook XML format.


Lister has diverse experience with a wide range of projects across content sources and book types. With a comprehensive idea of the possible challenges that could arise during conversion, the workforce and processes implemented at Lister ensure zero room for errors. Besides this, a few factors which are given a closer look are:

  • Imperfections – We conduct a strict quality check on the output and inspect carefully to avoid imperfections such as missing page numbers, character emphasis failure, special character recreation, incorrect spacing/indent, word spaces, paragraph delineation, hyphen, hyphenated words, superscripts and subscripts.
  • Index Linking – To provide an easy access to the inner pages, we make sure that the index is linked to the respective pages. The page numbers are made active by placing markers at the beginning of every page similar to the hard copy format. Then the markers are linked to the index, formatted and checked for accuracy.
  • Tables – When there is a need for a table in the book, we convert it into a text-based table, formatting it the best we can depending on the particular format’s limitations. However, when certain formats cannot support these tables, we convert these tables into images. Hence the tables will be viewable regardless of the format or device used by the reader.
Design Excellence

The e-Books we deliver are not just flat text versions of your hard copies. We ensure that they are pleasurable to read and fully functional. Every e-Book we create and deliver includes:

  • Optimizing HTML and design sheets specifically for the e-Book formats chosen.
  • Properly sized and embedded cover images.
  • Creation of a structural table of contents used in many reading systems for navigation, such as the TOC in ePub files with an expand and collapsible option.
  • Creation and linking of an active table of contents in the text of the e-Book.
  • Formatting paragraph indents and alignments the same way they are in the hard copy.
  • Lists, poetry, extracts, epigraph and other non-standard paragraph types.
  • Optimization of images – Photos, illustrations and other internal graphical elements.
  • Footnotes and endnotes formatted and linked in both directions.
  • Formatting and styling the bibliography, glossary and index pages.
  • Embedded fonts when needed.
  • Fully compliant ePub file that passes both ePubCheck and ePubPreflight, and is optimized for display in the most popular eBook devices and applications.
  • Any necessary minor editing or adjustments to the final output.



When it comes to books that are high on illustrations or layouts (such as cook books, travel books, nature books, comics and children’s books), reflowable formats will not be able to capture the visual appearance of the physical book. Hence the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) along with the eReader device technocrats have developed a precise “Fixed Layout” format for Apple iPad, Kindle, Kobo and Barnes & Noble color devices that Lister employs to produce gorgeous full page, full-bleed illustrative eBooks that retain printed page appearance. Creation of Fixed Layout is more complex than a reflowable creation, and much similar to typesetting a page on the device screen to control page layout, image positions, embedded fonts and spread images.

Engaging a reader with the content and providing the ability to interact with it is an entirely different creative approach to content creation. Such eBooks can be developed using technologies like HTML5 that works across all devices – PC, Tablets, and Smartphones.

While interactive eBooks are created mainly by children’s book publishers to provide engaging reading and learning experiences to young learners, the creation of interactive eBooks for higher education and professional learning is also increasing.
The Lister team’s capabilities extend to creating interactive books using iBook Authors too –

  • Audio/Video Embedding
  • Pop-ups
  • Interactive Images
  • Slideshows
  • Self-assessments

With rich and diverse experience in software development, we believe in developing tools to eliminate manual intervention in the conversion process and also to offer cost-effective and high quality services. Our proprietary in-house developed applications streamline and strengthen our work flow resulting in faster turn-around-time and better production process control.

Automated Conversion Engine (ACE)

ACE is an XML conversion engine that automatically converts data from one format to another. It is an advanced tool that is powerful enough to manage varied data conversion work. Features of ACE:

  • Can be customized to any type of conversion based on DTDs
  • Reduces conversion time
  • In-built document validation
  • Online validation for meta data
  • Authorized document access
  • Customizable for every project
eTab Convertor

eTab Convertor is an application which converts various eReader output formats using In-Design, PDF and MS-Word. Key features include:

  • Production of multiple outputs in a single click
  • Usage of standard class names
  • In-built document validation – generic and project specific
  • Hyphenated words cross verification
  • Ligatures and fractions
  • ePub package creation

eInTracker is an intra-net online monitoring and reporting system providing an in-depth view of production milestones and accurate, timely status reports. Status and production reports can be viewed online or exported to Microsoft Excel for offline analysis. Features include:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Productivity efficiency
  • Staff efficiency
  • Idle time analysis
  • Turn-around analysis

Why Lister?

  • ‘Zero’ rejections on project deliverables for the past 3 years
  • On-time delivery
  • Average TAT per book is 3 business days, irrespective of any complexities
  • Long term relationship with all of our customers
  • Flexible scale-up/down plan based on volumes with no minimum volume commitment
  • Proficient in delivering all kinds of high complex books and foreign languages
  • Manual intervention significantly reduced through usage of tools

Dear Lister Technologies & Team,

Please allow me to extend my warmest thanks for all of your hard work and outstanding contribution toward serving our customers. We know how much time, energy, and focus the engineering programs demanded this year. On behalf of me and all of the Engineering Support team members, we deeply appreciate all of your efforts in making this project a great success in 2013.

We look forward to 2014 and your continued outstanding service. You are a valued member of this team and you’ve demonstrated again and again that we can count on you.Thanks again for your great work and all that you do for us and our customers. Rest assured your contributions make a real difference!

-Outsourcing Coordinator,Leading solutions provider for the Engineering and Aerospace industry,USA

The book looks fantastic. The author and I could not be happier. Honestly, it really looks even better than we had hoped. Thanks so much for delivering as promised and doing such excellent work. We understand the limitations you were forced to work with as far as the text boxes and your solution is a good one and we have no problems with you carrying on the same way throughout the project. Thanks again.

-Author, Leading Publishing Company in Massachusetts,USA

I want to personally thank you to all of you who work for Rodale project. Your work’s excellency and consistence in quality prove that you are very skilled workers. In August, 6,674 pages were delivered. In September, your team improved the capacity and hit the peak at 10,040 pages. Therefore, I hope that this month you will do another fantastic job by exceeding the pages in September. Well done and keep up good work.

-Project Manager, Leading Digitization Company, New York,USA

Overall your way of communicating the things, your team work and reporting methodologies are very good. I appreciate your team, Lister’s work culture and excellence in quality and delivery.

-Project Manager, Leading Aircraft Management solutions, Phoenix,USA

I have reviewed the files and I am very pleased with the results, you have followed all my guidelines carefully. Excellent Job!

-Head of Design and Origination, UK Publisher