Lister Technologies

Digital Marketing

Interactive Marketing to Grow Your Online Business Revenue. Driving Strategies to Improve Marketing Efficiency.


Lister has over a decade of experience in providing Digital Marketing Services.  Leading MSPs and CCCMs working with global brands in retail, healthcare and insurance rely on Lister for their Digital Marketing needs.  We provide comprehensive services across the engagement life-cycle starting with onboarding to sunsetting / offboarding.Lister works as an extended arm of the professional services wing of the MSP / CCCM. By leveraging our expertise our customers drastically reduce time to reach the stabilization phase thus allowing for quicker reach and impact. We work with multiple platform stakeholders for a seamless experience.

Typically the  engagement dovetails into monitoring and 24*7 support providing mission critical insights. We help the customer leverage all the features of the platform and execute his marketing strategies by using our extensive experience on campaign operations. Special marketeer requirements that go beyond platform capabilities are built as reusable point solutions facilitated by deep experience around MSP / CCCM platform integration. As MSPs / CCCMs evolve to more advanced platforms, we provide services to strategize and execute seamless platform migration programs. 

We work with marketing, ecommerce and sales teams of some of the most innovative and progressive organizations to help them drive better customer experiences and optimize their cross channel communication capabilities. Our expertise on Oracle Marketing Cloud will help you get more out of your investment in Oracle Responsys with the right implementations and right integrations to critical business tools.

Implementation: Get set with your investment in Oracle Marketing Cloud. Integrate Responsys with critical business systems - ecommerce, CRM, social, web, analytics, couponing and more

Onboarding: Prepare your marketing database with the right model and warm up campaigns to ensure deliverability 

Training: Get your team up to speed with the use of the platform 

Monitor and Report: Assess and observe the performance of your campaigns on a regular basis 

Campaign Services: Get set with your campaigns and leave the execution to us - Our team of copy writers, designers and developers will make your email look good and perform well 

Perform beyond: Using Greyferret, built by Lister Technologies, automate next best marketing actions based on real time customer behavior - now available on the Oracle Cloud App Market