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From Your Back Office to Your Customer-Facing Portal.

ebizhmaineBusiness Innovation for High-Value Results

Lister Technologies is a leading full-service eBusiness solutions provider. For over a decade, we have helped businesses of various sizes and maturity to maximize their online and eCommerce potential. From back-office applications, integrations and others to customer facing portals, gateways and content management systems, we do it all. From strategizing to execution of your online presence to monitoring and maintaining them, we have the full repertoire of services.

At Lister we offer…

  • e-Commerce


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  • Digital Marketing


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  • e-Services


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Why Lister eBusiness

  • Value Through Experience

As a trusted partner to hundreds of global online businesses, Lister offers a unique blend of strengths. We combine the value of having Global Delivery centers with flexible engagement models and proven solution accelerators for a cost savings of up to 50% over traditional solutions providers. We match this high value with a deep roster of high performance talent, hands on account attention from our seasoned management team and the depth of knowledge and insights.

  • Flexible Engagement Models

Lister works to share business risk with its clients by using flexible engagement models and success-fee based approaches. In this way, Lister is deeply invested in the success of your project. As we have perfected our delivery processes, we also have the flexibility to deliver the engagement model that best suits each customer. We rely on innovative project management methodologies to oversee the success of your engagements with us.

  • Proven Solution Accelerators

Our hands-on expertise has perfected a range of solution accelerators and frameworks across leading-edge technology platforms so that you see accurate results, quickly and efficiently. Our ability to rapidly develop and deploy solutions using these solution accelerators significantly improves your time to market and program delivery.

  • High Performance Teams

Lister recruits from the best universities and has secured prominent status as a top employer. This talent is trained with an innovative “Knowledge-Immerse-Measure” (KIM) learning model and is inspired through cross training programs in multiple technologies. As a result, Lister’s talent is innovative, inspired and engaged.