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Oracle Responsys, the leading provider of enterprise-scale, cloud-based marketing software helps brands worldwide to orchestrate marketing campaigns across all key digital channels including email, mobile, social, display and web.

With deep understanding and unparalleled expertise in implementing Responsys and creating custom solutions and integrations over the years, Lister Technologies helps marketers like you get the best out of your marketing platform.

How can we help you engage with your customers better?

Consulting, Implementation and Support

At Lister, we work with you to identify the right strategy for using Oracle Responsys depending on the nature of your business and the needs of your organization.

We offer a variety of implementation packages to help you get set and start quickly. Our technology experts can assess fitment and design an implementation service to suit your business.

Marketers around the world trust us to ensure that the Oracle Responsys platform is up and running. We help your team with ongoing support of the platform, provide proactive recommendations, suggest the right data models and monitor the health of the platform to ensure that your messages reach your customers' inbox.

Campaign services

From campaign creatives to personalization our experts can help make your campaigns look good and perform better. With constant monitoring we make sure that the campaigns perform well around the clock and address issues inhibiting deliverability.

Responsys Add-ons:

Utilize the power of Oracle Responsys with the help of our expertise to be truly able to orchestrate cross-channel communications by putting together the right solution for you using the following.

  • Send Time Optimization - Step up engagement by individualizing send time to your audience
  • Push I/O - Deliver automated, real time notifications through mobile, email, social and more
  • SMS Campaign - Connect with customers through messages right to their mobile devices
  • Responsys Rapid Retargeter - Win back users who have abandoned shopping carts with remarketing

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Value Added Services


Leverage the potential of Oracle Responsys by integrating with Social Media, Content management, CRM systems, eCommerce platforms, Payments, finance and other business critical technologies. We help businesses like yours create strategy and work flows, execute the right data integrations and ensure that they are working accurately so that you can keep delivering to YOUR customers' expectations.

Find out how Holkoi revitalized its customer engagement with Lister and Oracle Reposnsys

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