Are you aware that you’re being tracked?

In my previous blog, I had explained about why omnichannel is getting prominence in the retail world and how etailers are leveraging this technology to create better customer experiences. Well its time that we dig deeper into how omnichannel retail can help create seamless customer experiences. With the rapid evolution of retail marketing, technologies today can perform a near instant match of your facial features as you [...]

Demystifying the art of B2B selling - I

Before we get into the details of b2b selling, according to Forrester - "1 million B2B sales jobs in the U.S. will be obsolete by the year 2020." What does this mean? Why is the b2b landscape changing? Before we answer these questions, let’s take a look at what really matters in b2b selling.  How do you approach? B2B selling is a step by step process where you start from scratch and build up the trust and rapport wit [...]

Testing times call for Send Time Testing

STT (Send Time Testing) is the prelude to STO (Send Time Optimization) – the process that ensures the STO algorithm has an unbiased data set to do its predictive magic. This process reduces the impact of a couple of challenges that STO algorithms face, but how significantly, depends on how long you are willing to run the test as a marketer – it is dependent on your business and campaign cadences. But for a set up wh [...]

STO is wonderful – but have you done your STT? (Send Time Testing)

Campaign Send Time Optimization does produce remarkable results. MSPs today claim to have an innate feature of exploiting typical customer open/click timings to schedule critical promotional programs. While some look at a brand specific campaign events, other MSPs use the learnings across the plethora of brands using their platform and offer an aggregated, verticalized campaign scheduling out of the box. For example, bank [...]

Here’s why you need to migrate your Oracle Responsys instance to version 6, right away

Upgrading a critical marketing system is no easy feat and the decision to do so requires deep thought, consideration and planning. In this guide, our aim is to present what sets Oracle Responsys version 6 apart from version 5. While the ultimate decision to upgrade or not depends on the wants, needs and other operational intricacies, our hope is that this guide would help make that decision just that bit more transparent. [...]

What's new in Oracle Responsys Version 6.28!

The latest version of the marketing platform, Responsys, was rolled out last month across Interact2 and Interact5 accounts. Among other enhancements and minor bug fixes, this update is special because of one particularly powerful feature; the ability to migrate your segmented audience to the Data Management Platform - Bluekai. Each contact in your exported audience will be categorized and added to a BlueKai audience list [...]

Mobility for the Sales force

Successful sales teams and sales leaders use technology not as a tactical measure, but as a key strategic differentiator.  Investments are required to improve the day to day lives of sales teams to enable them to get time back for the actual process of selling, rather than spend time on data entry and the chore of completing paperwork. The necessity of mobility: Sales teams are more likely to use sales force automation [...]

[Infographic] The Roadmap to CRM success

Selecting and implementing a CRM is a complex and risky process. Even after the system has been launched, there’s no guarantee that users will fill it with the right information and use it consistently. However, with clear goals in mind chances are that you will get a better return on investment and see deals closing faster. A great sign of success is when your CRM application is the first and last thing your users che [...]

The Roadmap to CRM success

In our many conversations over the past 8 years while implementing and supporting Salesforce CRM for a variety of organizations, over 60% of them felt that they have not got value out of implementing a CRM solution. While “some benefits” have been derived, in most cases, there is some amount of post roll-out dissatisfaction with at least one set of internal stakeholders   I thought of sharing our learning and though [...]

Midsize Madness – What integrations your Small or Mid-Size eCommerce business needs for maximizing customer value

In my previous blog post, I had delved into the integrations for eCommerce Startups. In this post I talk about integrations pertaining to eCommerce SMBs, specifically from the perspective of evolving priorities and goals between SMBs and Startups? While the prime focus of Startups leans towards new customer acquisition, SMBs are saddled with the additional goals of customer retention and growing the AOV (Average Order Val [...]